Auto-TAB 4.0

Change from one web browser tab to another more easily and quickly
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Auto-TAB is a novel software application intended to make web surfing easier and simpler when you're using browsers that support multiple tabs. To achieve that, it introduces a quicker method of switching from one tab to another - you just click anywhere at the top of a current page and you will switch to the next tab.

Even though this program's premise sounds interesting and promising, it might turn out hard to use for many people, as getting used to this new method may take a while. When you first run the program, it asks you to calibrate it, which - according to the program's help - is a simple and quick process. However, sorting out how to do that may actually result a bit difficult to understand. During calibration, the program's main window turns transparent, allowing you to see the contents of the browser behind. Once you are done with calibration, you can start using the program itself.

Its main interface is a simple window where you can switch the program on and off, select the browser you would like this program to work with (there is also a button to refresh the list of open browsers available), select the tab delay in milliseconds (the length of time to wait before moving to the next tab once you have clicked on the current one), define the tab hotkeys (a key combination to quickly move to the next tab), select whether the program must disable itself when you start typing in an input field, and if it must move to the system tray area when you minimize it (to work in background mode). Finally, there is a button that allows you to restore the default configuration of the program, and which lets you know for how long you have been using it. The program can go into pause mode, too.

As I said before, this program's usefulness may be very relative - sometimes, it even changes to another tab unexpectedly and untimely, which, of course, is annoying. Its price, however, is very reasonable.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Reasonable price
  • Supports enabled, disabled, and paused modes
  • Can be configured to work in background mode
  • Allows you to monitor the usage time


  • 10-day trial
  • Might be difficult to calibrate
  • Might take a while to get used to
  • Sometimes produces unexpected and untimely tab jumps
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